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How To: Convince Your Employer to Let You Work Remotely

So you’d like to join Tulsa Remote, but you don’t have a remote job yet. In this series, Your Guide to Getting a Remote Job, I'm breaking down three ways you can work remotely and have the flexibility to embark on a new adventure in Tulsa. 

I’ve been working remotely off and on since 2008. Yep, remote jobs have been around for that long! My name is Libryia Jones, I’m a Tulsa Remote alum, and I’ve been teaching people how to find and land remote work since 2015. In the last three years alone, I’ve helped over 300 people find and land remote jobs and gain more freedom in their lives through my company, Quit Commuting

Let's discuss the way that I got started in remote work, an option that people rarely consider. Most people don’t even realize they could ask their current employer to go remote, or they’re so scared of getting a “no” that they don’t bother. My granny always told me, “You’ll never get what you don’t ask for,” and I’ve adopted the mantra, “Ask for everything.”

I work from home today because I proposed remote work to the company I work for. They hadn’t even considered it as an option when they were building their workforce (I was employee #11 at what was, for all intents and purposes, a start-up). The CEO asked me to move back to Atlanta from Tallahassee as a requirement for my employment offer. I already had plans to move back, so that was a no-brainer. What I didn’t plan to do was work in an office every day. My first discussion with my director was about my ability to work from wherever I wanted. Since then, we’ve hired people all over the country because the CEO realized the location doesn’t actually matter when you hire great talent.

Check out my blog post on How to Convince Your Employer to Let You Work Remotely.


Next Steps

Looking for other ways to work remotely? Check out our blog, Your Guide to Getting a Remote Job, for other tips, resources, and ways to work remotely. 

Once you have a remote job and meet the eligibility requirements, applying for the Tulsa Remote program becomes straightforward. However, please keep in mind that each application is reviewed individually.

If accepted, this opens the door to a new chapter in Tulsa, where you can enjoy financial incentives, community support, and a vibrant work environment. Embrace the opportunity to work remotely and experience all that Tulsa has to offer.


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Libryia Jones
Libryia Jones
Libryia works as a consulting director for her day job. She helps companies implement software that organizes their data. She loves her job, the work she does, and the people she works with. Outside of her W2, she runs a community of over 21,000 women who love to travel with (and without) their children; she teaches people how to find and land remote work so they can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that she has had for so many years.

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