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Tulsa Remoters at an event

Unlocking the Tulsa Experience: A Look at Tulsa Remote's Vibrant Events

One of the many benefits of moving to Tulsa through the Tulsa Remote program is experiencing curated events that give you the opportunity to learn more about our vibrant city. 

At Tulsa Remote, we believe in the power of community. To support our member's efforts to cultivate their own Tulsa community, we host 15+ curated events each month.

These events include large-scale member meetups and smaller gatherings designed to help you connect with fellow Remoters who share your same interests or hobbies. We also organize an annual camping trip, volunteer opportunities, outings to Tulsa Drillers and FC Tulsa games, shows at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, local museums, and more. 

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Additionally, Remoters will often gather groups on their own via our Slack platform to attend community events such as the annual Tulsa Mayfest, Juneteenth celebrations, the Tulsa PRIDE parade, and the Tulsa Greek Festival, to name a few. Remoters also often have access to discounted or free tickets to local events.

We recognize that a true remote community extends beyond the workspace. It's about being surrounded by people and events that enrich your life. This is why we are committed to offering a comprehensive calendar of events, ensuring each Tulsa Remoter has the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and fully experience everything our city has to offer.

Join us in embracing the Tulsa experience – where community, connection, and countless adventures await you.

Tulsa Remote Staff
Tulsa Remote Staff

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