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Owon Johnson's Passion for Curating Community and Connecting Families

Member Integration Specialist, Owon Johnson, is passionate about creating memorable experiences for Remoters by developing programs, sharing resources, and building relationships. “I am always inspired by the people I meet through Tulsa Remote. Every person has a unique life story, and I love hearing those stories and learning more about each individual,” Owon says. 

In her role, Owon guides new members through their first year in Tulsa and supports people by connecting them to organizations they are interested in learning more about. She also enjoys inviting members to community events and helping them establish themselves in Tulsa. 

“As a lifelong Tulsan, it is exciting to see our city continue to grow, and I love welcoming our members to be a part of our thriving community,” she says. 

Owon is the mother of two small children, and in addition to her work with Tulsa Remote, she is a midwifery student, doula, and birth photographer. She also owns a charcuterie company- The Dainty Fig Charcuterie. Her favorite area of Tulsa is the Greenwood District, and in her free time, Owon enjoys taking road trips, buying plants, reading, and cooking. 

Owon leads Tulsa Remote’s family and kids programming so if you are a parent looking to connect with other parents and families in the Tulsa Remote community, be sure to reach out to Owon on Slack or via email.

Tulsa Remote Staff
Tulsa Remote Staff

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