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How Jennie Williams Helps Tulsa Remote Alumni Stay Engaged and Build Community

Meet Jennie Williams, Tulsa Remote’s Alumni Integration Specialist. In her role, Jennie supports alumni as well as the operation of the Tulsa Remote Ambassador Program. She collaborates with various city partners and plans unique events to continue providing opportunities for alums to engage with the program and build community in all forms.

“Living in Tulsa has provided me the opportunity to intentionally learn more about the experiences and identities of our community members,” Jennie said. “I love meeting new people, listening to their stories, and helping them find their place in our city. These passions are what fuel my work as the Alumni Integration Specialist.”

As members approach their one-year anniversary in Tulsa, they’ll hear from Jennie about what to expect from Tulsa Remote during their second year and how they can continue to invest in the Tulsa community. Jennie is also available to meet with alumni who are looking for community or know they want to contribute to Tulsa but aren’t sure where to begin. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to stay involved as an alumni, schedule time with Jennie here

Outside of her work with Tulsa Remote , Jennie is passionate about foster care and trauma-informed work. “I've been a licensed foster home for the past six years, and it’s very important to me to advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves,” she says. In her free time, Jennie enjoys singing, and trying new restaurants and is on a mission to find the best buttercream frosting in Tulsa. She also loves game nights and is an active member of a local Buddhist Sangha community.

Tulsa Remote Staff
Tulsa Remote Staff

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