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Courtney Campbell, Helping Remoters Finalize Their Move to Tulsa

Meet Courtney Campbell, Operations Manager at Tulsa Remote. "In my role on the operations team, I support our members as they finalize their move to Tulsa," Courtney says. "I'm passionate and energetic about strengthening our community, so I love being able to directly help people who are excited to move to our great city and contribute to our community." 

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Courtney has continued strengthening her "Okie" roots through her professional experience focused on local startups in the Tulsa area. Her time with growth-oriented companies has given her invaluable insights into the meticulous process of bringing ideas to life and allowing them to function and thrive. 

With her focus being on operations and the backend workings, she is also passionate and energetic about strengthening our community. She loves learning and strategizing with others to broaden her perspective and understanding.

In her free time, Courtney enjoys supporting local organizations Planned Parenthood and Oklahomans for Equality, gardening, listening to live music around town, and exploring the outdoors with her kids.

Despite her strong roots, Courtney occasionally embarks on adventures beyond Oklahoma. She has contributed to building Super Adobe structures in California with CalEarth, hosted a Japanese band, The Blueside of Lonesome, in Amsterdam, and delved into photography in a charming fishing town in Maine.

Tulsa Remote Staff
Tulsa Remote Staff

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