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Meet Tulsa Remote's New Alumni Integration Specialist, Casey Kooiman

We’re excited to have Casey Kooiman on the Tulsa Remote team!  As our new Alumni Integration Specialist, Casey provides resources and 1:1 support for those who have finished their first year in Tulsa. As a Tulsa Remote alumni herself, Casey is excited to be able to apply her own experiences in the program to her new role. 

“I love connecting with people, and I love Tulsa!” Casey shared. “Being able to support fellow Tulsa Remote alumni and helping them get more involved in the Tulsa community is truly a dream job. I know that integrating into the Tulsa community looks different for everyone, and I'm eager to best support each individual on their journey.” 

Casey loves that Tulsa is an incredibly accessible city, and she says almost anything you want to do seems possible here. “There aren't waitlists to volunteer for popular events, so I've been able to get more involved in the community. I can get anywhere I need to be in 10 minutes or less, so I've been able to spend more time with friends. The community leaders here are approachable, so I've felt heard and even more connected to my city,” she says. 

In her free time, Casey loves playing recreational sports, so you'll often find her playing kickball, softball, and pickleball at Chandler Park or volleyball at Pearl Beach. Casey also enjoys volunteering at many of the events around Tulsa, including Oktoberfest, Irish Fest, and the Route 66 Marathon. You can also often find her working on her fixer-upper in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood!

If you’re a Tulsa Remote alumni interested in connecting with your Alumni Integration Specialist, please email


Tulsa Remote Staff
Tulsa Remote Staff

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