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Meet Daryl Misrac, the Driving Force Behind the Scenes as Tulsa Remote's Director of Operations

Meet Daryl Misrac, the driving force behind the scenes as the Director of Operations at Tulsa Remote!

Daryl joined the Tulsa Remote team in February of 2020 after moving to Tulsa with her partner in 2019 when he joined the inaugural year of Tulsa Remote. In her role, she creates and oversees the daily operations processes of the Tulsa Remote program including recruitment, onboarding, marketing, Slack, and the community experience.

Originally from Chicago, Daryl made her way to Tulsa by way of Los Angeles, where she left her mark as a Director of Operations and Digital Marketing for a boutique wine shop, and later, as the driving force behind the expansion of Flywheel Sports across the west coast. As a former pastry chef, cake designer, and yoga instructor, Daryl has enjoyed professionally tapping into her creative side to create whimsical cakes and confections or curating thoughtful yoga classes.

Beyond her work with Tulsa Remote, Daryl is also a web designer, lending her skills to support businesses and organizations like the Historic Vernon AME Church, where she has helped to fundraise over $87,000 to rebuild the church from the devastation of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Daryl is an advocate, auntie, sister, world traveler, community connector, and avid reader. She loves getting to know Tulsa Remote Members who’ve made Tulsa their home!

Tulsa Remote Staff
Tulsa Remote Staff

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