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LGBTQ+ Business and Resources in Tulsa

After moving to Tulsa four years ago through the Tulsa Remote program, I quickly discovered the many local organizations and businesses that support members of the LGBTQ+ community like myself. 

These were the places that made Tulsa feel like home and afforded me the space to begin creating my newly released book, "A Great Gay Book.” The book highlights the work of more than 100 talented individuals who have made significant advancements for LGBTQ+ rights and shares impactful stories that I believe our world needs to hear.

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I'm so grateful Tulsa gave me the opportunity to share my own story, and I am proud to have published my book here with the incredible support of Tulsa Artist Fellowship and the greater Tulsa community. As a way to give back, here are some of my personal favorite local queer-owned and LGBTQ+-affirming businesses and resources that I encourage you to support and share with a friend. 


Tonsorial Barbershop

Tonsorial Barbershop is a queer-friendly barbershop providing haircuts and grooming services. The skilled barbers create a welcoming and affirming environment for all clients. 

il Seme

Il Seme is a queer-owned Italian restaurant that offers an enjoyable dining experience. Their menu features authentic Italian cuisine made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Cherry & Bark 

For ice cream lovers, Cherry & Bark is a must-visit. Located on the Buck Atom's Cosmic Curios lot Friday through Sunday, Cherry and Bark make extremely small-batch dairy and non-dairy ice cream. Stay tuned for their new location opening at 18th and Boston this year!

Yellow Brick Road Pub

Yellow Brick Road (YBR) Pub

Yellow Brick Road is a friendly neighborhood pub that welcomes the LGBTQ+ community. Yellow Brick Road is a great place to grab a drink in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

The Donut Hole

The Donut Hole is known for its delicious, creatively flavored donuts and inclusive atmosphere. Whether you're in the mood for fresh donuts, sausage rolls, or other sweet and savory treats, The Donut Hole has you covered.

Fulton Street Books & Coffee 

Fulton Street Books & Coffee is more than just a bookstore—it's a community space that advocates for diversity and inclusion. They offer a carefully curated selection of books, focusing on amplifying marginalized voices, and host events that promote literacy and social justice. Copies of A Great Gay Book are available at Fulton Street!

Jo and June_BB

Jo & June Vintage 

Jo & June is a charming boutique that offers a curated selection of vintage and modern home goods. Their unique finds make perfect gifts or additions to your own home.

Magic City Books

Magic City Books is an independent bookstore located in the vibrant Arts District in downtown Tulsa. They specialize in literary and popular fiction and narrative nonfiction for adults. You can also snag your copy of A Great Gay Book here!


Studio 66

Studio 66 is an excellent resource for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in Tulsa. This production group offers events and arts-driven programming, curating unique experiences, community arts initiatives, and performance-based celebrations. Collaborating with artistic and queer service groups across Tulsa, Studio 66 also provides mentorship to emerging artists and queer community leaders.

Black Queer Tulsa

Black Queer Tulsa is an organization dedicated to supporting and uplifting Black queer individuals. Through advocacy, education, and community-building events, they create a safe and empowering space for intersectional identities.

Twisted Arts

Twisted Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQ2S+ filmmakers and artists. Through film festivals, workshops, and networking events, Twisted Arts provides essential resources and opportunities for queer creatives.

H.O.P.E Testing

H.O.P.E Testing offers free and confidential HIV testing and counseling services. Their compassionate staff ensures that everyone feels comfortable and supported during their visit. 

Trans Advocacy Coalition of Oklahoma

The  Trans Advocacy Coalition of Oklahoma (TACO) is a grassroots organization that aims to support and empower everyone in Oklahoma whose gender identity, expression, or experience differs from the societal norm. TACO offers a range of resources, such as access to gender-affirming clothing, trans-friendly mental health resources, and more. 


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