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Jasmine Ball posing in front of Greenwood Rising

Fortune - "LA was overpriced, so I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma."

Ever wondered what it's like to move across the country?  Jasmine Ball did exactly that when she moved from LA to Tulsa with the Tulsa Remote program. Three years later, she’s grown her planning firm, persuaded nine of her family members to join her in Tulsa, and become a homeowner.

"If you had asked me to point out Oklahoma, let alone Tulsa, on a map three years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Fast forward to today, and Tulsa is now my home."

Read about how Jasmine's move to Tulsa has transformed her work-life balance, improved financial success, and created a more fulfilling life below.

Tulsa Remote Staff
Tulsa Remote Staff

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