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Is Google Embracing a Work Culture that Values Individuals' Well-Being?

Would you want to live where you work? Google has just announced they are offering a “Summer Special” for employees to stay the night at an on-campus hotel for a discount to make it easier for them to transition to the mandated hybrid workplace.

First, they brought ping pong tables and offered subsidized cafeteria options to get people to practically live where they work, and now, they are proposing people literally live where they work. I don’t know about you, but as an advocate for the incredible benefits remote work gives my life outside of work, this setup sounds like a nightmare. 

Remote work is no longer just a response to unprecedented circumstances; it's a fundamental shift towards a more flexible and fulfilling work culture. It's about recognizing that productivity thrives in an environment where employees can seamlessly blend their personal and professional lives. For example: 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Remote work accommodates family needs: The ability to be present for your loved ones, whether it's taking your kids to school or being there for important family moments, contributes to a healthier and happier work-life integration.

⏰ Time regained is invaluable: Those hours previously spent commuting – can now be channeled into volunteering in the community, pursuing hobbies, or even dedicating more time to professional growth. The ability to step away from work and pursue other interests can make a world of difference. 

💪 Empowerment drives productivity: Remote work empowers individuals to structure their day in a way that suits their natural rhythms. This autonomy often leads to heightened focus, increased creativity, and improved job satisfaction.

External perks cannot solely sway the desire for life-work balance, flexibility, and autonomy, and employers need to consider embracing a work culture that values individual well-being as much as it values output. 

What are your thoughts on Google’s announcement, and would this offer encourage you to return to the office? 

Justin Harlan
Justin Harlan
Justin Harlan is the Managing Director of Tulsa Remote, a program honored on Fast Company's prestigious list of World's Most Innovative Companies for 2022, which recognized its unique approach to attracting remote workers to Tulsa and promoting economic development in the city. Under Justin’s leadership Tulsa Remote, the largest relocation incentive program in the U.S., has grown to more than 2,500 members.

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