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How to Invest in Tulsa's Future as a Homeowner

Are you interested in buying a home and want to do your part to build an equitable Tulsa? We care about building an equitable Tulsa, too, and as you decide where to live, it’s important to consider how your choices can contribute to a fair and inclusive Tulsa community for all residents.

The Importance of Community Investment 

It’s likely you were drawn to the city of Tulsa because you desire to contribute to your community in a meaningful way. As such, Tulsa Remote is committed to introducing you to the broader Tulsa community and encouraging you to get involved in existing initiatives across the city. 

Our goal is to empower the Tulsa Remote community, especially those of you interested in purchasing a home, to contribute to fostering a sense of belonging, opportunity, and equity for everyone - right from your own neighborhood. As Remoters, getting involved in existing initiatives in your new neighborhood is vital as you consider how to contribute to your new city in meaningful ways. Below are some ideas to keep in mind as you decide how to actively invest in your neighborhood.

🏡  Join Your Neighborhood Association:

Become a dues-paying member of your neighborhood association. Joining the neighborhood association gives you the opportunity to actively engage in decisions that affect you and your neighbors.

The first step? Check out the City of Tulsa’s list of existing neighborhood associations. Simply enter your new address into the search bar and find the contact for your specific neighborhood or homeowners association to begin exploring ways to contribute to wherever you call home. 

If an association doesn’t already exist in your neighborhood, learn how to start one by checking out the Tulsa Planning Office’s “Start a Neighborhood Association” how-to guide.

👋  Connect with Your Neighbors:

Time and time again, we’ve seen how bringing together the ideas and perspectives of both new and longtime Tulsa residents cultivates a culture of creativity, collaboration, and innovation that drives economic growth and contributes to a vibrant and inclusive Tulsa for all residents.

While you may be the new kid on the block, organize a block party to get to know your other neighbors. Organic gatherings are a great way to learn more about your neighborhood and understand the perspectives of others who have lived in the area for a long time. Take a moment to hear the needs of others, empathize with any challenges they might be facing, and find out all the things they love about your neighborhood. 

Visit the City of Tulsa's website to make your block party official. You can also ask the local police and fire departments to attend the block party, giving your neighbors the opportunity to meet local public servants and build stronger relationships and mutual support. 

You can also explore city-sponsored initiatives that encourage neighborly interactions. Check out the City of Tulsa’s upcoming special events and invite your neighbors to try something new together!

🌎  Think Beyond Property Purchase:

Finally, consider your home-buying decision as a commitment to positively shaping the future of your neighborhood. Think about what you can do to not only better your home but to invest in your neighborhood.

If you’re looking for other ways to invest in the future of the city and your neighborhood, look into planting a community garden. Invite the kids who live nearby to join you and have fun teaching the next generation of Tulsans about where food comes from. You could also plan a service day and take the food you’ve grown to the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma or a grocery pantry like Iron Gate Tulsa. 

Is reading more your thing? Learn how to start A Free Little Library on your street! Build community, inspire readers, and expand book access for your neighbors through this free network of volunteer-led book-exchange boxes. 

Remember that every action, no matter how small, contributes to the broader goal of building a more equitable Tulsa. We encourage you to actively engage with your community and prioritize inclusivity. You not only enrich your own living experience but also contribute to making Tulsa a place where everyone can not only live but thrive!

Alicia Linker
Alicia Linker
As Tulsa Remote’s Housing Support Manager, Alicia Linker draws on 10 years of real estate and lending experience from her time at the Tulsa Housing Authority to support Tulsa Remote participants during their home or apartment search.

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