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How Bayonia Marshall Supports the Tulsa Remote Community

We’re thrilled to have Bayonia Marshall join the Tulsa Remote team as our new Member and Alumni Experience Administrative Manager. 

Charged with managing internal systems, analyzing data, and coordinating projects, Bayonia plays a pivotal role in steering our program toward its objectives and meeting the needs of our members. As a Tulsa Remote alumni herself, Bayonia sees great value in bridging her past experiences as a member and current responsibilities on Tulsa Remote’s staff and looks forward to helping shape the future of our program. 

It is important to Bayonia that every Remoter has the opportunity to explore and appreciate all that Tulsa has to offer. “Our vibrant community holds immense potential for both new and longtime Tulsans,” Bayonia says. “I want to help others as they find ways to contribute to the Tulsa community and support their journey to making Tulsa home."

In her free time, Bayonia volunteers with  Reading Partners, is a part of Better Off Bowling, and enjoys attending events that support the local entrepreneurial community. She also has her own business, Go Bay'nanas, where she creates and sells banana-inspired desserts while teaching kids to cook and read. She also enjoys attending plays and performances. If you see Bayonia out and about in the community or at a Tulsa Remote event, be sure to give her a wave! 👋

Tulsa Remote Staff
Tulsa Remote Staff

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